Wüstenrot wins 2 tests

Wüstenrot wins 2 tests

2 tests comparing the services of mortgage saving companies in Germany, homeland of the mortgage savings concept, noted Wüstenrot ahead of the competition:

– Comparing the advice in financing schemes, Wüstenrot’s advisors were the only to be noted good, respectively very good by “Finanzwelt” of the independent foundation “Stiftung Warentest”

– “EURO am Sonntag” magazine’s analysis noted Wüstenrot in first place, with the overall best note very good.

According to “Finanzwelt” 2 criteria were noted particularly important to customers: orientation on client’s needs and financing costs. In both categories Wüstenrot was the only mortgage savings company to be noted twice as very good.

Watch the video broadcast in german from n-tv: “Wüstenrot ist Testsieger bei Finanztest”

The essentials criteria for “ EURO am Sonntag” were conditions, advice and service. Altogether  the testers quoted 75 criteria in more than 500 discussions with customers. Wüstenrot ranked within the best in all categories and won this test because it was judged to have the best overall offer.

PDF-Download (in german): Bausparkassen-Test Euro am Sonntag

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High training and qualification standards

The test result was no surprise for Wüstenrot. The top ranking underlines the high standard of training and qualification delivered to their advisors at the forefront. As in Germany, clients are guaranteed to receive the same level of advice everywhere. They can be sure that their interests and needs are considered and transposed systematically. To maintain the high standard of advice, Wüstenrot has developed a multilevel program for training and qualification, aiming to guarantee a high level of knowledge at all times.

Attractive products tailored to target groups

The victory is a confirmation of Wüstenrot’s philosophy to offer attractive products, tailored to target group’s needs, at fair conditions. To achieve the test, “Finanzwelt” send 7 phantom customers to branches of the 22 tested mortgage savings companies. Wüstenrot established the most attractive financing package for these clients.