We speak of an “anticipated loan” if the minimum deposit as fixed in the tariff is not yet fully saved. In this case, you will pay a fixed monthly savings rate in addition to the interest for the anticipated loan. In fact, this anticipated loan may be demanded as from the beginning of the savings agreement, even if there is no loan with the savings bank. You can get the anticipated loan either from Wüstenrot or from our partner BIL. When the savings agreement is allotted, the anticipated loan will be redeemed from one moment to the other and you only have to repay the low-interest building loan.

During the savings period of the savings agreement loan, you take advantage of the tax privileges (extra charges) and you can also deduct the interest. In this way, the total cost of the financing will be considerably reduced. The anticipated loan will also be secured by a mortgage. In principle, an insurance policy covering the remaining debt will be required. Wüstenrot and its sales representatives will be pleased to advise you.

Wüstenrot and its sales representatives will be pleased to give you further details on the present conditions.