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Housing benefit law

There are multiple ways in which the State supports purchase your own home

In terms of economic and social policy, house building and the creation of private property are first-rate aims. For that reason, the Luxembourg State supports and promotes the creation of private property, within the scope of the housing benefit law, through different measures, like building and acquisition premiums and various kinds of interest subventions.

Thus each person interested in building or purchasing a housing should get in touch with the information counter of the “Ministère du Logement”, where his personal possibilities will be established. In some cases, the local municipalities will also give some support. It is always worthwhile enquiring there as well.

The possibilities of interest subventions are significant for every single person concerned, as they facilitate the borrower’s monthly interest and redemption payments.

For further information and explanations, please contact our services; our field service partners or the

Ministère du Logement
Service des Aides au Logement
11, rue de Hollerich
L-1741 Luxembourg.

More information:
Tel.: 247-84860


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