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We will be informed as soon as your mortgage savings agreement has reached its goal. From that moment on, you have the right to demand immediate payment of your savings. Otherwise, the difference between your credit balance and the amount fixed in the savings agreement is completely at your disposal as a mortgage from us which you are legally entitled to. Interest rates for the mortgage are payable according to the specific conditions of the tariff.

Interest rates on our mortgage are very advantageous at present.

INTERESTS ON MORTGAGE now starting from 1,00%* 
*Variable Tariff Comfort. Annual percentage rate, after transmission of funds starting from 2, 25% to 2,75%. 

The mortage loan has a fixed rate of interest for the whole period until the complete payment.
In principle, the loan is secured by mortgage. If the required loan amounts to less than 30.000 €, Wüstenrot may renounce to such a mortgage.