Partnerships are an essential element of an efficient and successful co-operation. Wüstenrot is proud of its co-operation with renowned Luxembourg institutes and organizations.

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

BIL, our partner since 1993, offers its clients the Wüstenrot mortgage savings program. In the BIL agency, the client can be advised on savings programs, tax advantages and conclude a mortgage savings plan. BIL is also at our clients’disposal for financing and other banking products. BIL is the oldest commercial bank in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

AXA Assurances Luxembourg S.A.

AXA Assurances became our insurance partner in 2004. From that time on mortgage savings have been part of its insurance agents‘ range of products. This is especially interesting for agents, as mortgage savings and insurances are part of the general provision and of the old age provision retirement plan.

Gewerkschaft OGB-L

The OGB-L service “mortgage savings” is Wüstenrot’s partner for the members of Luxembourg’s largest union. Within the scope of this collaboration, the union recommends that its members sign a Wüstenrot mortgage savings plan.